Babies & young children

Newborns, infants and young children.

Of course babies and young children need their passport photos taken just as much as anyone else.

Understandably, it usually takes more time to get the adorable little one to have his or her picture taken correctly. Unlike some other studios, there is no additional sitting fee for this.

Most governments are easier on the rules, when it comes to baby and young children passport photos. But still they need to pass most of the requirements. I gladly work with you, the parent, as a team, to get the correct pose.

(0-2 months/2-12 months)

Please bring your newborn or infant in his/her baby seat carrier to the studio. I will use a white backdrop muslin sheet on top of the baby seat carrier, and you than will place your child in his/her seat, thereby creating the white background, and have your newborn relaxed and comfortable.

Young children.
(one year and up)

Your child will be sitting on a regular posing chair and you might have to be helping in supporting him/her for safety and in posing.

Passport photos, nowadays, are not like they used to be in the old days, where you could be more yourself, instead of looking neutral, pose in an angle with one ear visible, and was allowed to smile. Remember we used to pass along left over passport photos to friends?

Although the stricter rules, baby's first passport photo is still something to remember. For a small fee, you have the option to add a keychain with the passport photo. This will be done at the same time of the passport photo, so you have the keychain together with your passport photos when you leave my studio.