Richmond Virginia based photography studio.
Passport Photo RVA is part of Henrico Photo.

PassportPhotoRVA: proudly creating US, Canadian and all international passport photos since 2008.
Please note: Passport Photo RVA does not accept passport applications and does not issue passports.

Your photos are ready in a flash.

Only one appointment is needed, there is no need to come back a few days later to pick up your prints.

Your passport photos are printed in the studio and ready while you wait, your session usually takes just 15 minutes for each person, Canadian photos might take slightly longer due to validation requirements.

Passport Photo RVA (Henrico Photo) is recommended by the Royal Dutch Embassy in Washington DC for Dutch passport photos and is a preferred photographer for VCU OPT students.

Digital passport photos are uploaded to a secure cloud storage.

While in the studio, after creating your passport photo, you will receive a printout with a digital copy of your passport photo, with a unique access code.

Enter this unique access code in your website browser, and you will be directed to the secured cloud storage for the download of your passport photo to your personal device.

Your photo will be available online for 6 months (1 month for UK applications), with the option to delete the photo sooner by yourself.

United Kingdom digital photo code upload.

You will receive a printout with a digital copy of your passport photo, with a unique access code. When applying for your UK passport renewal at the GOV.UK website, you will be asked for this unique access code of your passport photo.

Your photo will be available online for 1 month, with the option to delete the photo yourself.

This is to be in compliance with the European Union "GDPR" privacy law, as well as the requirements from the United Kingdom.

Passport Photo RVA offers all nationalities.

There is no "one size" fit all. As a Dutch citizen living in the USA since 1988, I know first hand how difficult it is to get the correct passport photos and the trouble of going to Washington DC, New York or Pennsylvania to visit the embassy or consulate for your in person appointments. Nothing is more annoying than having your photos rejected after a long drive and time consuming appointment setup. This is one of the reasons I started my international passport photo service, aside of my studio family portraiture.

When it comes to passport photo requirements, among all the countries in the world there are many differences like size (both the outside dimension of the photo as well as the head size) and the background, which usually depends on the persons complexion and/or hair color. Sometimes the purpose of the passport photo also calls for a different background color, for example to differentiate citizenship vs immigrations. Most digital passport photos (for online applications) require a much brighter background than printed passport photos. (for drop-off or mail-in applications)

Although the most common outside dimensions are square 51x51 mm (2x2 inch) and rectangle 35x45 mm (1.4x1.8 inch). Quite a few countries have odd sizes, for example as small as 26x32 mm (1x1.25 inch) for Spain, and as big as 100x150 mm (4x5 inch) for Moldavia. When it comes to head sizes, they vary from 75 to 80% of the photo size, or are specified in a specific millimeter range, as well as the placement of the eyes within a specified area of the photo.

No matter for which country or nationality you are looking for, Passport Photo RVA is familiar with the differences and requirements and guarantee your passport photo to be according their unique specification. I have information and samples listed per continent, which will be updated trough time.

To quickly see some of my samples, please click on the tab of your choice below. For more details and information about your country within the continent, follow the link provided in the tabs.

Studio Location.

The studio is located in the residential area of Darbytown Meadows, Henrico County.


6361 Springcrest ln.
Henrico, VA. 23231

By appointment only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Hours of Operation: 09am-09pm

Service guaranteed.

Passport photos are printed in the studio, ready while you wait.

Certified trough:
New York Institute of Photography
Stichting Nederlandse Fotovakhandel. (Dutch Foundation of Photography Professionals)

Member PPA:
Professional Photographers of America.

Passport photo costs:

USA passport photos are $19.99 plus tax.

All international (except Canada) passport and VISA photos are $24.99 plus tax.

Canadian passport photos are $26.99 plus tax.

Additional prints are $9.99 plus tax per sheet and one additional digital photo is $4.99 plus tax.


Passport Photo RVA is trusted by many clients from around the world.

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